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Wednesday 15 November  2017 8:00 TO 9:30 PM

"The workshop was just magical. I could feel the vibrations right in my heart". Olivia May2017

"We thoroughly enjoyed the workshop. We came out feeling peaceful and happy!" Lisa & Yasmin Nov 2017

"I really enjoyed the session last night, would love to do it again. When I took my dog for a walk this afternoon I seemed to be more aware of sounds and the beautiful day - I even stood still for a few moments in the mountain pose and breathed in the beauty!!! Thank you x" Emma Nov 2017

Come explore the benefits of yoga combined with a deeply relaxing and healing sound bath.

After yoga practice to open the body (45 minutes), I will be playing the Tibetan singing bowl and other instruments, to immerse you in healing sounds for 45 minutes. Imagine your body being bathed in these healing vibration for almost 1 hour!

These special bowls, also known as standing bell or Himalayan bowls, are hand made in Tibet and have a wonderful frequency that can generate wellbeing and healing.

I will work all around the room to allow the sound to come to you from different directions and I will show you the deep frequency of the bowls by placing them on your body, the vibration will deeply penetrate to a cellular level and stimulate relaxation and healing. 

Join us to experience the combined power of yoga and sound! Book now as the workshop is strictly limited to 12 people

Cost: £18 
Where: Brentside High School, Greenford Avenue, Hanwell, London, W7 1JJ. Free parking. Sign in at the gate near the football pitch.
Bookings: Contact me


YOGA NIDRA WORKSHOPS - The Art of Yogic Relaxation

"I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy the Yoga Nidra sessions.  They have made a significant, positive difference to my life and how I feel inside about almost everything.  I cannot tell you in words how valuable they are to me.  Having the CD enables me to practise the Nidra once a week, but attending a session with you is even more powerfully positive and like receiving a special present after work." Liz, Feb2017

Yoga nidra is a powerful technique to relax consciously on the physical, mental and emotional level. Here you have the opportunity to join both workshops to reinforce the message to your body and mind, highly reccommended!

We associate relaxation with doing nothing, maybe collapsing on the sofa and watching TV. These are only sensory diversions. The body feels heavy and the mind is stuck. True relaxation is an active process where you get rid of blockages and re-energise your system. In this workshop you will learn how to truly relax the body and mind keeping the awareness and releasing tensions.

You will have the opportunity to set an intent for your practice which will help you shift things you want to change. At the end you will feel full of energy and totally relaxed. The workshop includes a 1 h yoga class.

Cost:£20 for one workshop, £30 for 2 
Where: Studio 1, Pamela Howard School of Dance, 141 Broadway W13 9BE. Please not: entrance from the rear.
Bookings: Contact me

“The Yoga Nidra class is a great combination of energising yoga and complete relaxation – a really good way to have quality time for yourself and recharge.” Olivia Nov 2012

"I really enjoyed the yoga nidra session. Doing yoga beforehand was a great way to relax and ease into the relaxation, the yoga nidra was really powerful and positive and I focused on Giuseppina's voice and my intention. I definitely felt the benefits for days afterwards!" Sharon, June 2014


A step towards finding your inner strength, confidence and making yourself happier.

Join us on our Yoga and NLP sessions to support you find clarity, flexibility and relaxation and connect to your natural strengths to create the life you want.

We have prepared a five half days (1:30 to 5:30 pm) programme to support you along the way.

Each session is independent, but they also weave together to create a path for transformation. Come to one, several or, even better, sign up for the whole programme to see the changes.

Yoga will help you tune in with your body, open and quieten your mind and prepare you for learning.

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) will help you discover your confidence, your abilities and set yourself goals that motivate you and re energise your day-to-day.

At the end of each session you will feel the difference and have new tools to use in your daily life.

Session’s structure:

  • Welcome
  • 1h30 minutes YOGA with Giuseppina
  • Break – tea and homemade cakes!
  • 1h 30 minutes NLP session with Javier
  • 30 minutes Mindfulness or Meditation or Yoga Nidra with Giuseppina

The Program as a whole has been designed to provide incremental and cumulative learning, joining for the full five sessions is highly recommended.

Location: All About Exercise, 2 St James Avenue, London W13 9DJ

More information:



YOGA, PRANAYAMA AND MEDITATION WORKSHOP  -  Wednesday    8:00 to 10:00pm

Yoga is union. Using yoga, breath techniques (Pranayama) and meditation we can reach union between body and mind between physical and spiritual. Let’s explore together energizing yoga and pranayama and meditation techniques to open the body and quieten the mind. The workshop includes:

  • 1h Yoga class
  • Pranayama (breathing exercises)
  • Meditation Techniques 
  • Hand outs

Where: The Pamela Howard School of Dance, 141 Broadway, W13 9BE

Cost: £20 Advanced booking. 

Bookings and payment

Spaces are limited to 10 students. To guarantee your space, please send your details (Name, mobile number, email, any health issues) and full payment (non refundable) in advance to . Please also tell me a little about your previous yoga experience. Thank you!



Finish the week-end with a wonderful treat for yourself. Practice yoga and learn the basic principles of Zen Shiatsu, a traditional hands-on therapy originating in Japan.

Treating the body as a whole, Shiatsu is a wonderful technique that rebalances energies in the body and stimulates the immune system and its natural healing power. Shiatsu beautifully combines with yoga since it uses the same approach of wholeness and lots of therapeutic stretches.

We will finish with a very relaxing yoga nidra session. Homemade cakes and teas will also be served. Spoil yourself!

Cost:  3 and 1/2 hours , £40
Bookings: Contact me



These tailor made workshops can be organized at your convenience and can include yoga, breathing, massage, relaxation tecniques, birthing positions and anything else you would like to cover regarding your pregnancy and birth.

You and your partner will spend three hours in a relaxed athmosphere in your home or my studio and will be able to go over any fears or questions you may have regarding the birth of your child. I will show you yoga and relaxation techniques that you can use before and during labour and give you ideas on how your partner can support and help you during this wonderful and unique time.

Cost: 3 hours, £90 for 1 couple and £150 for 2 couples.

“Giuseppina’s workshop is very valuable for first time parents and helped us understand everything that was going to happen before, during and after the labour. I feel quite reassured and relaxed about it and lost all my fears regarding the birth of my baby. I can now just focus on my labour preparation and on the welcoming of this new phase of my life.” Ana and Nuno April 2013