The teacher

Giuseppina Colamarco

I am passionate about yoga! I discovered yoga by coincidence or maybe yoga found me since sooner or later, in a way or another, we all find our path….

On a rainy day my friend Marion asked me to help her with a fundraising yoga event for her charity Love Is All We Need. It all started there. With my great surprise, being somewhat of a yoga-sceptic person, I found myself practising 3 consecutive hours of yoga thanks to the inspiring teaching of David Sye from Yogabeats and from that day I have been hooked.

I have practised many different styles including Iyengar, Vinyasa, Acro and Sivanandanda and I have travelled to India in 2007 where I graduated as a Hatha yoga teacher at the Yoga Vidya Gurukul ashram in Nasik. In 2009 I have been back to my lovely ashram in Nasik and I have obtained the Hatha yoga Advanced Certificate.

In 2009 I also started specializing in yoga for pregnancy and postnatal. I studied Pregnancy and Postnatal Yoga and Childbirth preparation with Birthlight, I attended a Hypnobirthing workshop by Hypnoclinic and in 2010 I gave birth to my lovely 1st daughter, which got me even more interested to help other ladies have a positive birth experience. In 2012 I attended a Doula preparation course by Nurturing Birth and assisted in the birth of my nephew, which was a fantastic experience. I believe that yoga can be very beneficial to both mums and babies also in the postnatal period and I regularly teach mum and babies classes to help mums get back to their body while they bond with their babies. To continue on that journey, I also offer Toddlers yoga which gives toddlers and parents a chance to develop in a playful atmosphere and to learn to properly relax. In 2014 I obtained the RainbowKids Yoga Diploma to teach yoga to Kids and Families and I teach yoga in schools and Family Yoga workshops and private classes! Yoga can be an amazing experinec for the whole family!

I'm constantly training myself because yoga is my passion! I love acro yoga too, which combines acrobatics and yoga and I've trained with AcroYoga both in Thailand and UK directly with the founder Jason Nemer. I use some of the acrobatics in my kids classes and sometimes in the adults ones too.

I've recently been back to train with my teacher David Sye and attended his Yogabeats Foundation course in 2014 which has filled me with joy and energy. I've now just came back from India again where I've obtained a 300 hours Vinyasa flow Teacher Training Diploma at Sampoorna Yoga in Goa and I'm looking forward to the next year with joy in my heart :-)

I firmly believe that yoga is for everyone and can help you unravel and flourish. I combine the traditional Hatha static postures with a dynamic and flexible approach to accommodate all levels of fitness and ability.

Yoga is a tool of change and development. My aim is to let know as many people as I can. Please help me… pass the word!

Thanks, Giuseppina